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Power Sugar is an extremely delicious all natural real sugar. Has 35% less calories than conventional table sugars; consistent with weight loss goals. Sweet and great tasting.
Power Sugar is healthy for diabetics and for everyone else. Instead of causing tooth decay and damage to the gums, like conventional sugars, it actually reduces cavities and dental plaque as well as energizes the heart and musculature. Helps prevent ear, nose and throat infections. Great for baking. No harmful preservatives. No after-taste.

  • Rapid Strength
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Alertness & Focus
  • Sustained Energy
  • No Energy Crash
  • Healthy Glow
 Your body makes D-ribose and Xylitol; both of these 5-carbon sugars are in Power Sugar.
 That's natural!
 Our intention is to uplift the world for at least 1000 years.